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The Master in art glass works Daniele Poletti

Daniele Poletti was born in Venice on 3rd November 1971, under the sign of Scorpio. Creative by nature, aesthete by vocation, after having completed that tortuous journey, which always characterizes the initial path undertaken by each artist, Poletti came into the universe of Glass.
Glass tile in the jewels way, pure gold painted
                     Made in Italy design
Fascinated by the light and chromatisms that only a crystalline structure is capable of transmitting, he has reclaimed, in the total autonomy of one self-taught, the chromatic rhythms of certain ancient Muranese working techniques, thereby renewing that miracle of
art, which generates the original work of art, right there where one might have believed that everything that could have been said and done had already been said and done. It was in just this way that the “Jewels of light” were born, objects capable of living their own autonomous life because they are already nurtured by their own internal light.

Murano glass sculpture, pure gold painted
                  Made in Italy design

The master is also active in the field of glass sculpture where by applying, in a larger dimension, the same techniques as those used in making jewelry, he creates works of art that are capable of emerging out of even the most sumptuous and refined contexts.

Glass tile in the jewels way, pure gold painted
                      Made in Italy design

Those creations destined for interior decoration are also of considerable importance, authentic collets of light for the most exclusive and sophisticated environmental architecture.


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The Jewels of Light 
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