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The Jewels of Light

How the Jevels of Light born Take a moonbeam, a ray of light, gold, platinum and Murano glass. Mix these elements lovingly together. Then invoke Vulcan, God of Fire. This is how the “Jevels of Light” were born.
The "Jewels of Light" have been designed and crafted by the master
Daniele Poletti in his atelier in Venice using Murano glass, gold and platinum, according to the ancient precepts handed down by the age-old Muranese techniques. No piece exploits another because each one is the fruit of one single moment of creative expression. By way of paying homage to the world of women, which has always inspired the master in the creation of his works of art, each “Jewel of Light” bears a woman's name or a precious stone (first collection only).
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 Jewels in Gold, Platinum and Murano Glass Here the prodigy of
art is renewed: light and form are fused together and returned under guise of a spiritual experience. The ensuing result is a "living" object, capable of "communicating" with the woman who wears it and the environment in which she moves, expressing and extolling messages of seduction. Give it with love, you will win a place in the heart of she who receives it. Carry it as a talisman, because it is made of the very same elements. Every jewel bears the hallmark of the master and is accompanied by its own warranty.
Besides these jewels, the
artist creates, outside the catalogue, special numbered series of which he guarantees the absolute uniqueness of the design, as well as working on commission for exclusive clients; and still further, using the same ancient techniques, essence-carrying colliers, furnishings and sculptures.



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